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I was recently asked how long have I been in the fashion apparel industry and I answered, "Uh, 11 months." But then I thought to myself, I've always found it important to "Dress Sharp." In my nearly 24 years in law enforcement, there's a lot to be said about the way a person looks. People "size you up", and if you're well put together, people act differently and think twice before making their decision about you. On the other hand, someone with disheveled clothing with wrinkles are looked at and treated much differently. Another benefit of being dressed to impress is that it is another way for a person to separate themselves from their competition, a key aspect I've always adhered to. All of these factors led me to want to offer men from all walks of life a new alternative to shopping for designer and trendsetting clothing. And while we were at it, we decided to throw in the little things that make the man, such as grooming products, cuff links, ties & bracelets, among others. The name Meticulous Men was chosen because the word "Meticulous" is defined as, showing great attention to detail with care and precision. We've taken that attention to detail and precision and partnered with the leading shoe manufacturer in Europe to offer "Shoes by Meticulous Men." (formerly Wakeby Wolf Footwear). I remember searching the internet tirelessly looking for a 3D design platform so that I could design shoes that are different from everyone else's. Starting my own company was a great way to be able to work with different developers so that I could offer such a tool. What we've been able to achieve is, I think, the finest online 3D tool capable of offering over 100k design options with all the traditions the everyday shoe has to offer. Here you can design the traditions of the Oxford, Derby, Loafer, Chelsea Boot, Chukka Boot and Military Brogue, to your liking with a wide array of different leathers, suedes, fabrics and soles.
Dan Nuey Sr.
      Meticulous Men is a minority-owned Men's Fashion business started from the idea that men of all cultures, backgrounds, professions & styles can shop in one centralized location. We here at Meticulous Men would like to become your "1 Stop Shop" solution men need to make their shopping experiences smooth and stress-free. One thing that we pride ourselves on is customer care. We will go above and beyond to make sure you, the customer, is 100% satisfied. 
Daniel W. Nuey Sr. 
400 Putnam Pike
Ste. J-122
Smithfield, RI 02917
+1 401-744-4443
[email protected]

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